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After doing 6 years at university studying environmental science I became a chef and worked for many years in kitchens all over the world. I never stopped caring about the environment and being outdoors though, especially after my parents bought a tourist charter boat which I worked on off and on over the years.

A couple of years ago I started a company with my brother and girlfriend converting ex-ambulances into campervans for rental. During this period i became fascinated with the solar power system.

I quickly realised that I wanted to be much more involved in this particular field and I sold the company to invest my time delving into the world of solar power.

The more I learned the more I began to see how under utilised solar energy is for portable applications. Solar panels are becoming smaller, lighter and flexible while batteries are doing the same.

All the products I could find available in Australia are at least triple the weight and size of what I can produce and take a good knowledge of electronics to put together.

The pack I have designed requires no knowledge of electronics. You charge it like a phone at home and plug in whatever you need to power, laptop, fridge, phone, stereo, power tools etc.
If it goes flat while you are away from home you plug in the solar or your car cigarette lighter and keep going!

– David Thackray

Press Coverage

Take a look at Sun-Seeker in the press. Our Solar Generators have been showing up all over the world lately, from live interviews on ABC Radio, newspaper articles in Fairfax Media to a following in technology related blogs around the globe! Just "Google" Sun Seeker Pack to see who is talking about us right now!

Crowd Funding Institute Of Australia

Winner of their CLICK2015 Video competition!

World Of Renewables

Showing the way in the world of renewable energy

Loved the portability and simplicity of our product!

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