Our Battery Packs


Has 640wH of power storage

Can Utilise Up to 260w of Any Solar Panels (2 x Our Ultra Packs)

Weighs 16kg

Measures 248*315*350mm

The Survival Pack

Has 960wH of power storage

Can Utilise Up to 390w of solar panels (3 x Our Ultra Packs)

Weighs 23kg

Measures 248*350*415mm


We have designed the Sun-Seeker to be able to be CHARGED ANYWHERE. You can charge it from stationary or portable solar panels, while driving in you car, from a wind turbine, at home or even a cafe while you have a quick bite for lunch.

  • 20 amp AC Charger, charge unit in 2.5 hours from a standard power point with the included cord.
  • 30 amp MPPT Solar controller, charge the unit using up to 390 watts of solar panels, use either 12v or 24v panels for extra juice!
  • 10 amp DC Charger charge from the cigarette socket while driving.
  • Use any combination simultaneously for charging in as LITTLE AS ONE HOUR from completely flat.


The Sun-Seeker is designed to POWER ANYTHING in your life, wherever you are. We have included outputs for just about anything, from a mobile phone to medical equipment and power tools. The AC power is provided by a 600w continuous/1200w peak PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER so it doesn’t interfere with computers, TV’s etc like cheaper modified sine wave inverters do.

  • 2 x 12v cigarette sockets
  • 6 x USB sockets
  • 1 x 50amp Anderson Plug
  • 2 x Universal 240v AC Outlets

Our Solar Packs

Ultra Pack

Folded: 300x400x40mm
Open: 1700x400x10mm
Weight: 2kg
130w @ 12v

Take anywhere, tiny size and lightweight

Flexible Pack

Dimensions: 1060x540x3mm
Weight: 2kg
100w @ 12v

Glue or screw to curved surface or tie to tents etc

Standard pack

Folded: 660x670x70mm
Open: 1320x670x35mm
Weight: 15kg
120w @ 12v

Folds up, comes in protective bag

Fast charge pack

Dimensions: 1580x808x35mm
Weight: 15kg
200w @ 24v

Charges more than twice as fast as the other solar options
for semi permanent attachment eg campervan / house roof

The Technology

Our generators are based around LITHIUM ION PHOSPHATE BATTERIES. These are, in our opinion, the best possible battery type available for solar storage. The battery component (by far the most expensive part) is backed by a 3 YEAR AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY for complete peace of mind.
A normal AGM battery can only be discharged to 50% or lasting damage occurs, ours can be DISCHARGED COMPLETELY without damage.

A standard AGM battery has a life expectancy of a few hundred cycles, ours is guaranteed to last for THOUSANDS OF CYCLES.

NON-TOXIC and NON-EXPLOSIVE (unlike AGM or LiPo batteries).

Normal AGM batteries must be kept charged at all times or damage occurs, our battery can be STORED FOR A YEAR WITHOUT MAINTENANCE and still be ready for action!

An AGM battery needs to be charged slowly (often more than 10 hours) to remain safe. Our battery can be CHARGED IN ONE HOUR using the included solar controller and ac charger.

Our batteries are HALF THE SIZE and ONE QUARTER THE WEIGHT of an equivalent capacity AGM battery.

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